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Kerri has been in the wellness field since 1989. Straight from high school Kerri went right into nutrition where she thought she wanted to be a dietician. After getting through most of the program, she realized it was not the field for her since it did not at the time focus on taking care of the body as a whole. Since Kerri was on her own at an early age and needed to take care of the finances while going to school and working, Kerri then learned massage. The massage profession then opened the door to become an H.H.P. where she was able to utilize her nutrition and holistic approach to things. Kerri continued her work for many years in chiropractic and medical offices where she has been able to keep an open mind in helping to assist with a person's wellbeing along with the eastern and western medicines. Kerri worked with our local Padres from 1996-1998.Kerri continues to work on athletes to this day and enjoys the challenges of helping out with aches and pains along with rehabilitation.

After many years of working on bodies and also coming across skin conditions that looked concerning, Kerri took additional courses in clinical esthetics. Kerri utilizes her vast knowledge to help people become body aware from the inside out. So whether you need a little relaxation, nutritional gaudiness ,relief from your achy muscles or some anti aging,  Kerri will find something or someone to suit your needs.

Kerri continues to work on clients as she teaches the staff her background and knowledge. Kerri has a true love for this field and has a goal to provide quality care to everyone at a reasonable price and to create a little balance in everyone's life

The Calvers Tim and Kerri Calver moved to Encinitas in 2004 from Rancho Penasquitos. In 2005, we opened up A Better Balanced Body at a location only one block away from the current location. As the spa expanded, we moved the business next to our house where we still currently reside.

Tim helps out with the guests who stay here, whether for a one hour trip, a week or a month. One of his specialties include his juicing. Tim is a runner and competes in many local charitable events and triathlons. He believes in eating as healthy as possible. Tim "juices up" at least twice a week, making only the best juice for his clients. All ingredients are from the organic, local Encinitas Farmer's Market at Paul Ecke Central. One of his twists- he buys stinging nettles from them, which are proven to lower stress and blood pressure.

Opening and owning a spa seemed just a natural thing to do. Kerri had spent years in the wellness field and Tim had lots of experience in Web design, marketing and promotions. He also pretty much grew up in a hair salon, his mother having owned a salon herself back in England. It only seemed sensible that we work together to open up what we think is one of the most unique spas in the area.

Our family loves living in Encinitas where we plan on spending our lives residing and working. This is a wonderful community and we have made some excellent friends and clients here.


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