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All  massages are therapeutic and utilize a mixture of Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Alexander Technique, Cranio-Sacral, Reflexology and Stone Therapy depending on your individual needs.

Half Hour Massage $59

Full Hour Massage $89

90-Minute Massage $138

Pregnancy Massage $99

Exfoliation Massage $135


Back Treatments

A back treatment is similar to a facial other than it is intended for the back only. Often neglected, a sexy back can often be the key to wearing that great evening dress out with the completely open back. This treatment will take care of any pimples, scaling, etc. and leave your back healthy and refreshed!

Back 2 Basics

Why only treat your face to smooth, clear skin when your back is just as deserving? This treatment includes steam, extractions, mask and massage on upper torso and back of arms. It is an approximately 45-minute process. Add this treatment to a facial for all-over beautiful skin! $89

Beautiful back

Show your back with pride! This back treatment includes cutting-edge technology, such as applied oxygen and also includes an enzyme peel for a clear, sexy back!  Backs of legs and arms also included! Approximately one hour.  $119

Body Wraps: 

Helpful in the aid of detoxifying and weight loss, also exfoliates and nourishes the skin.  

Level 1 Smooth skin/ cellulite reduction $125.00

Level 2 Slimming/ Smooth Skin/ Cellulite Red.  $189.00

Level 3 Detoxification/ Slimming/ Cellulite Red.  $379.00

Other services

Make-Up application $49                 

Ear Candling $30 per candle









All facials are designed per individual per session. Each facial starts with a mild cleanse, followed up by a pH test to assess the needs of your skin.


Enjoy a refreshing, therapeutic facial using quality spa products to exfoliate, extract, nourish and hydrate the skin. This facial also includes a neck, shoulder and arm massage. 30-40 minute process, perfect for teenagers or people in a hurry!  $69

A Better Balanced Body Facial:

This facial offers more intense relaxation. We use the industry’s best products to keep skin balanced and healthy on a regular basis. Perfect for men & women. Exfoliations, extractions and a therapeutic mask, along with a massage of the neck, shoulders, arms and legs finishes this treatment, leaving you balanced from head to toe. Approximately One hour.  $89

The Advanced Signature Facial:

This facial is for the serious-minded person concerned about having an excellent complexion.  Each facial is customized to be result-oriented by using a combination of  mechanical exfoliation, extractions, medical grade serums and a specialty mask. Ultrasound and oxygen therapy are the industry’s leading approach to nourishing, hydrating and repairing damaged tissue, also included. You get all of this, with a deep relaxing massage of your neck, arms and shoulders, leaving you healthy and balanced! Approximately 75 minutes.  $129

Best of Both Worlds:

If you're serious about your health, your body, and really taking your health into your own hands, then this is the treatment for you. A Holistic Health Practitioner will spend approximately 2 hours with you incorporating a therapeutic, deep-tissue massage while including hot rocks and hot towels. While enjoying your massage, the therapist will ALSO give you our Advanced Signature Facial which includes ultrasound therapy and oxygen for fixing skin issues below the dermis and allowing for tightening of skin to alleviate wrinkles. Top of the line products, such as Eminence and PCA will be used, as always. The therapist will also cover nutritional information and spend time discussing health matters and concerns you may have and will also give diet and supplement suggestions to get your body in peak shape!  $199


Waxing and Body Wraps

 All waxing includes a premium wax with desensitizing anesthetic cream that allows waxing to be more comfortable.

An application of dermaxin-h will be applied after each waxing to reduce future hair growth.

Arms  $25.00

Half legs  $40.00

Full Legs  $50.00

Underarms  $20.00

Bikini  $35.00


Extended Bikini (Women only)  $65.00

Eyebrow Design  $25.00

Eyebrow Clean-Up 

Lip  $10.00

Chin  $10.00

Backs, chest, stomachs and excessive hair growth will be quoted per individual.


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